No WiFi showing up on 3.0 Android G7 Cambridge Science G7 Tablet, Please Please help!

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    16GB Android Cambridge Sciences G7-III Tablet
    I have a G7 Series Android Cambridge Science tablet which I can not get to connect to WiFi.

    I Tick the boxes & it un-ticks it self after a about a minuet. Nothing happens which I search. & If I add my home network & click save the box disappears but nothing happens.

    It gives me security options
    Open (nothing happens)
    802.1x EAP (I don't understand the options it gives me with this one)

    I'm used to using WPA2-Personal (with encryption AES & TKIP) I Hope this is not the problem!

    I also do not know if I’m meant to tick Static IP or not.
    It also has Ethernet, VPN & 3GS capabilities but I haven’t tried these as using my home WIFI is really what I want to use. Home Computer & both Flat mates laptops connect to WiFi wirelessly no problem.

    Other info (About Phone)
    Model number: MID_Serials 259
    Build Number: MID Serials 20111202.144539
    Android Version: 3.0
    Kernel Version:

    I’m so annoyed with this tablet as without Internet it is essentially useless, Any help would be great! Thanks,

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