None PC shows my tablet, also USB Debugging does not appear in Settings

Discussion in 'Infotmic Based' started by Hendrys, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Hello folks.

    I own a SuperPad 7"InfotMIC based tablet with Android 2.2.

    The thing is since i bought it, i plug it to My Windows 7 Proffesional desktop, and nothing happens, not even the standard sound on windows, nor the USB symbol on the tablet.

    Also, yhe USB Debugging option does not appear under Applications-> (The Developer option does not show either).

    I know the tablet and the PC USB port is working (they work for other purposes) The USB cable works too.

    What is my problem?

    I've tried Firmware Micro SD-burning (since i can't do the USB method) but i'm a total noob on burning, i downloaded M701SA_0722_V2.1, and extracted the contents on my MicroSD, reseted the device, but nothing happens.

    Strangely (and i don't know if it's related) the OS mounts the MicroSD on sdcard2, and not on sdcard or sdcard1... does it have to do with anything?

    The about the devices shows:

    model: wwe201
    Android version: 2.2 v2.5#4325

    Kernel version:

    Build FRF85B

    Please, any help will be apprectiard, even if you teach me how to safely burn another firmware.

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