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Discussion in 'Nook' started by tekkidd, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Hi, I am going to college now and its about time that I get myself a tablet. I have looked far and wide from cheap <$100 tablets all the way up to the Xoom and iPad. I (and my budget) have finally settled on the Nook Color. But before I buy it I have some questions. I plan to root it immediately with CM7. My question is now how many big bugs are in the system (CM7 for Nook Color). Additionally, will the build be stable enough so I can do a days work on it without running into issues (like surfing the web, checking email and playing a few games)?

    I guess what im asking is, is the Nook Color with CM7 a thing thats just for devs and testers or is it stable enough to do daily tasks without having to worry about the system?

    Additional Info: I am a big techie myself but for things like school work I perfer to have gadgets that run without me having to tend to bugs and issues all day.

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