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    Does anyone else have issues with the nook android app? My issues are
    1. It refuses to sync last read page between my devices. The kindle app does this wonderfully. (Edit- just uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone and it appears to be syncing. Still need fixes for the other probs on the NC)
    2. The pop up screen to view details of a book in my library or in the store is sized wrong on my NC. This makes it difficult to read descriptions and reviews.
    3. When I select a magazine subscription from within my library, the pop-up overlaps each issue on top of the others, making it hard to select a particular issue.
    4. Sometimes when I first open the app, it freezes and requires me to manually force close it and then reopen just to use it.

    I have the app on my rooted NC running cm7 from SD card and my other device is my HTC aria phone running stock. Both are running the app at its most recent version, no updates showing available. It's so frustrating and I was curious if its just me. It's making me lean towards Kindle when it comes to buying books lately. Sad, because I love my Nook and even though its rooted, I still like to support B&N.

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