Nook HD+ for divx/avi/mp4 playback?

Discussion in 'Nook HD Plus (+) Forum' started by guiyoforward, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, I'm considering an HD+ which I consider a gorgeous device to replace my old iPad which my daughter uses to watch movies. I'm fed up with the memory limitation on the iPad, so the nook 32gb plus SD cards seems a bargain really.
    Now, my only problem is: I need someone to confirm for me that the Nook, via the Google Play (if possible, without installing an alternative ROM), does work fine with VLC Oplayer or similar players for divx, avi, mpeg2, mp4 files, etc. No hiccups? Just download from google play and go? Is it fast enough, or have the apps been optimized for its processor?
    Thank you!

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