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    Greetings Everyone,

    First-off, a little about myself:

    I'm pretty familiar with the world of rooting/hacking/exploiting devices on multiple platforms, such as:

    1. - Android (Rooting/Hacking/Custom Recovery, Kernals, Nandroids, Custom ROMs, etc.)

    2. - Palm/HP WebOS (Developer Mode/WOSQI/PreWare/Custom Kernals/Patching/Themes, etc.)

    3. - Blackberry (BBSAK/Vendor-Independent Custom OS/CODs/Themes, etc.)

    4. - iPhone Jail-breaking (tethered/untethered) cydia apps, installous, etc.)

    5. - HomeBrew/Exploiting of non-phone devices (Nintendo WII, Nintendo DS/I, Sony PSP), hell, even uncapping Motorola Surfboard Modems back in the day!

    That all said, I'm pretty familiar with the whole scene. So although I'm no expert...I'm also not a complete n00b.

    ...except for Tablets, like the Nook Tablet!!! I'm still pretty much a n00b when it comes to tablets. I did assist a friend of mine in rooting here Viewsonic G-Tab a few months ago, but that's about it.

    I just bought my son a Nook Tablet for Christmas and like all of the other devices, it's ready to be hacked.

    With that said, I have all of the common questions that many first-timers do on the Nook Tablet, with the added experience that I can draw from.

    So that said, can someone give me a 'quick n' dirty' breakdown or summary on where we are at today with the Nook Tablet in terms of rooting/hacking/exploits? Such points would include:

    1. - Rooting; Are there multiple utilities out there, or is it all done through ADB?

    2. - Custom Recovery: How many types of Custom Recovery choices are there for the Nook Tablet? My personal favorite is Xionia Clockwork.

    3. - Custom ROMs: Are there tons of choices or only a few to choose from? Which ones are recommended? Which ones should I avoid?

    4. - OTA Updates/Firmware Updates: As of right now, we have not even ran any system updates, because I wanted to make sure that I knew what I needed to before hand, to avoid risking any potential updates that could nuke my ability to root. So that said, is there a set of update versions that are more compatible than others? Should I update the Nook Tablet right away or should I avoid OTA updates like the plague? Is there an OTA update that could nuke my ability to root or load Custom ROMs?

    5. - Will Android ICS become available for the Nook Tablet?

    6. - What about the wonderful world of OverClocking?

    7. - Any other helpful tips that will get me started on the right track??

    Thank you all!!!



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    Craig CMP738B
    You will find everything you need over at XDA which indirect has posted including how to block the OTA 1.4.1 update that will stop the ability to root the tablet. This information is also available here in the NOOK tablet forum. Also on You Tube Albert Wertz of tabletrom has posted videos on rooting, restoring to 1.4.0 and blocking all auto updates.
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    Hi biggjoe, some answers are below.

    There are a couple of utilities that don't require ADB.

    Only ClockworkMod Recovery that I am aware of.

    None yet for the Nook Tablet that I am aware of.

    Avoid the 1.4.1 update which will break the root. If you do get it you can restore to 1.4.0 and reroot.

    Unknown. Not likely to be coming soon and not in a recognizable form since B&N would skin it to their own purposes.

    Kernel is lock so not possible at this time.

    Check out this thread for some info
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