Nook Tablet now Rooted and SD Card Bootable

Discussion in 'Nook Tablet' started by J515OP, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Both versions of the Nook Tablet (8GB & 16GB) are now rootable and have the ability to run ROMs on bootable SD cards (8GB hopefully soon for bootable SD). The information is out there but I haven't seen much activity here regarding these activities. To encourage Nook Tablet owners to open up their device capabilities I have added some new stickies to this section reflecting these abilities.

    This is an open invitation for Nook Tablet owners to start modding their Tablets and share their experiences in these threads. If you would like to create simple step by step instructions for any of these processes please let me know and we can work on adding them to the stickies for others to use.

    Thank you and I look forward to seeing how much better the Nook Tablet can be with a little help.

    JP :D

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