Not pretty. but a corporate mag perspective.

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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    The following link is a slide show showing the perception about the current state of Android Tablets. This focuses on many of the major Android Tablet providers
    10 Tablets That Should Join HP TouchPad on the Extinction List - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -

    In my opinion, it is somewhat biased towards IPad, but there are many fair points. The recurrent theme is the problem of Factory support on Firmware updates and decent marketing. I really wish some vendors would not just release a new model as their firmware update or transfer some of their marketing money towards tablets instead of just hawking Phones that do not much more than the prior model.
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    Not only biased, but also a bit amateurish. For instance, the fault of the Asus Eee Pad is that's it's an unknown company... Only zealous Apple fanatics never heard of Asus.
    So it happens, Asus Eee Pad is actually one of the more popular tablets.

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