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Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Technical' started by rubyfocus, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Kyros MID1126
    I rooted my MID1126. I think. I'm not sure what was supposed to change after rooting. This tablet was so useless out of the box, the very first thing I did to it was root it. I had heard such wonderful things about rooted android devices. So I did the super one click thing and it worked. Superuser is running, whatever that is. I'm able to browse all of the folders in the device, including the one called "root"- Even though there's nothing in that folder. I installed Adobe flash player, whatever that's supposed to do. I still can't install Adobe Air or Netflix. It no longer wants to play nice with my PC. The moment I hook it up, the PC thinks it's an unformatted drive and wants to format it. It won't do anything else. I've tried to change the drivers to the TCC ADB drivers, but Windows refuses to install them no matter what I do. One of the most curious things about all of this is when I use the file browser in the tablet, I see that I have a folder called "System" as well as a folder called "Sys". When I go into the sys folder, some of the subfolders within are nearly endlessly recursed; Copies within copies within copies. The sys folder has 3,162 files in 829 folders and occupies 9.77 MB, and the system folder has 758 files in 49 folders and occupies 126.03 MB. I tried to drill down to the bottom of /sys/devices/usb_mass_storage/driver, but I gave up. It just repeats ./usb_mass_storage/driver over and over and over. Is this normal? I tried to revert everything back to stock, but as I said the USB connection with the PC won't work, so I can't load the stock image. Oh- and the whenever I put a MicroSD card into it, it instantly goes dead. Completely dead. Power switch does nothing. Reset button does nothing. Take out the MicroSD- It works again.

    Is there anybody here can render some effective advice before I put this thing under my car tire and do a burnout on it?

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