Note 3 to 4.3 should help to update Lollipop please .

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 3' started by adamjohnson, Jan 6, 2016.

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    Hello, I have 3 SM n9005 Note LTE.
    Its incredible, but sell me a website I buy this phone rooted khi new and free.
    I have a problem now, there is a messague mà says "your device is modificated" Now I cant take with OTA updates.
    But Im new in this and I dont have idea how updates with odin and archives need Exactly what, and dont know the things I must do is before my phone update.
    So I leave here all Dates and if its about my phone Possible anyone can say me the steps and archives Exactly what I need to download.
    AP: N9005XXUBMJ3
    CP: N9005XXUBMJ1
    CSC: N9005XXUBMJ3
    PHONE INPHO says this:
    Código de producto: SM-N9005ZKEBTU
    CSC original Código: DBT
    CSC Código de Firmware: DBT
    Código CSC activoBT
    CSC del Pais: Germany / DE
    Operador del movil: vodafone ES / 21 401
    Base Band version: N9005XXUBMJ1
    Compilation number: JSS15J.N9005XXUBMJ3
    SELINUX STATE: Enforcing
    I Had App SuperSU khi te website and now I quit sell me this and now says there Inpho Phone App is not root, but I cant update with OTA and Knox is still 0x1.
    I hope all this information can be right to say me what can I do.
    I dont know anything about the first repeat updating with odin.
    I dont know what can I do, this is my last print oportunity sell vì I thought my phone, but I love it.
    Thank you very much in advance. And sorry about my bad english.
    I dont say but I am spanish and live in Spain.

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