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Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by Junior101, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I Received a Novo 7 Basic android 3.2 for Christmas and have a few issues and questions...
    Is a user manual available in English?
    Tried downloading Netflix from amazon app store (app says it is compatible) and it says file is corrupt and will not finish installing.
    Is the update to Android 4.0 available yet for the Basic? if so how do I install it?
    Anything else I should know about the novo 7 basic?
    I really just want Skype and Netflix to work
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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Novo 7 Basic
    Hi - I also have the Novo 7 Basic. Ainol has already released the 4.0 firmware update. I have updated mine and have found more apps avail on the market, but not skype.
    You can simply google for the update.(i did mine from, but there is likely a link on this site or at xda developers) also, it is on the Ainol site but I found that their servers were too slow. Those sites have the install info. IE: (although for me I had to rename it just update as my computer adds the .zip itself) I am using these links from infamouskid at xda. You will notice that there are recompiled apks for skype ect but they are for 3.2 NOT 4.0...probably that is coming in the future. Good Luck with you Novo!
    ICS 4.0 Firmware Update - - put on sdcard rename to boot up tablet holding power and VOL +. release power when you see Ainol novo 7 basic logo while still holding VOL+. or use clockworkmod menu to update from menu option.
    recompiled APK's for MIPS ICS - - Skype, YouTube and TitaniumBackup all recompiled for Mips.
    MagicCode - MagicCode_3.2_1217_v1.0.apk - exactly what it says. this magically on the fly allows you to run APK's written in ARM to work in MIPs. this only works with HC 3.2 NOT ICS.
    to use simply install the apk and open the app and click on then install or run any APK as normal.


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