NOVO 7 Tornados Bears Its Soul...

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by geofferyh, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Problems with one of the NOVO 7 Tornados I ordered recently have caused me to start to get intimately involved in the inner workings. If you want to give your Tornados (and I believe the other NOVO 7's) a through workout proceed as follows:

    With the tablet turned "Off", press down the right-hand side of the "Sound Volume Control Switch" while simaltanously pressing the "On-Off" switch for about four (4) seconds.

    The tablet will then startup to the normal security startup screen. Unlock the screen by sliding the circled lock to the right as per normal startup.

    Now you will be presented with the factory listing of System Information Tests. Also, by selecting "SYSTENINFO" at the top right of the screen you can get a complete read out of all the system specifications.

    To quit the test menu screen, press the "On-Off" button.

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