NOVO7 Aurora 4.0 card brush package: third edition, the GPU driver.......

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    NOVO 7
    ROM contents
    1 production [to get ahead of the 0.9 version of the official March 1: 20120301.162352】
    2, streamlining out the built-in procedures [including the lib residues], retaining only Baidu input method and ES Task Manager
    3, adding Gtalk, Bookmark Sync and other Google services
    4, music replacement for Google Music 4.0
    5, by adding RE management, rights management, pre-installation [direct uninstall without residue] has joined ING market and the dolphins browser
    , Remove the Flash built-in [built-in can not be upgraded], recommend that all new easy to install upgrade - Download the latest Flashplayer flashplayer.apk TIPS: DOWNLOAD CLICK : $dwonload2.gif
    7 did not use the new boot animation, touch-screen parameter tuning
    9, by adding a personal written NOVO7 tools, desktop finished compiled the latest the CM9 desktop [you can set the number of transition effects and screen is very smooth】
    10 Brush package has been signed, can be used novo7 tool Brush

    Update log and download address:

    Updated third edition of the March 8
    1, update the GPU drivers, Internet faster rendering speed [extracted from the GPU drivers for other models]
    2, to update the touch screen driver [non-adjusting parameters, the experience is completely different], touch-screen experience to enhance [due to batch differences, so I is based on your own machine to adjust the touch screen driver】
    Still recommend this card brush package, while not an official package issued on March 7, the official that probabilistic screen cast, very annoying not to provide a complete package
    Upgrade the third edition upgrade package:|????-????-?????? TIPS: DOWNLOAD CLICK : $dwonload.gif
    [Install the patch package with the ROM is installed, but if manually installed, then do not do Step 4 empty the operation, we recommend using automatic installation]

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