[Nutty Rumor] Intel Planning to Buy NVIDIA and Make Jen-Hsun Huang the CEO of Intel

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    Here's a rumor for the day that seems to come straight out of crazy-land. Supposedly, Intel is in negotiations with NVIDIA to buy the company and make Jen-Hsun Huang the new CEO of Intel. On the surface this rumor almost seems like an "April Fool's Day" prank, but if you think about it deeper, there seems to be a grain of wisdom in it. For one, the PC industry is on the decline, and Intel hasn't exactly been very competitive in the mobile arena, which is the wave of the future. The lone Motorola RAZR i phone certainly doesn't count as market dominating. NVIDIA, on the other hand has been kicking arse in the mobile world, especially with tablets. If Intel acquired NVIDIA, it would help them smoothly transition into a competitive powerhouse for mobile chips. A marriage of Intel's ARM processor designs coupled with NVIDIA's current mobile GPU and CPU prowess could be a force to be reckoned with.

    What do you think? Will Chipzilla move to merge with NVIDIA, or is this just wishful thinking? (It's important to note that the rumor of Intel buying NVIDIA has been floated several times since 2006, so this could just be another case of wishful thinking.)

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