Odys neo x7 - battery overcharge problem ?

Discussion in 'My Tablet' started by mishu.edm, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Neo x7
    recently I found an issue which makes me worry a lot (it happened twice until now)
    After charging the the battery during the night (I left it plugged in for approx. 8 hrs), this morning I found the tablet turned off (by itself(?) I remember very well I left it on), the led indicating it was charged but the right side of the battery was very hot indeed (hotter than e.g. when playing videos on youtube for some time) :( and I don't think this is normal...
    as far as I know, modern devices are designed to avoid overheating.
    First time, it happened exactly the same: left plugged in, found it turned off by itself, battery area very hot
    I left it plugged in other times as well, but this didn't happen
    the android version 4.0.4, no coustom-stuff made on it, root or things like that

    For now tablet is working fine, but will this damage in the long-term ? is there a fix for this issue, may be a software problem? Any advice is welcome, thx in advance

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