Official Nexus 7 (2013) flip case can be yours for $50, via Play Store

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    by Andrew Grush on October 9, 2013 9:46 am


    Looking for more than just a sleeve to protect your Nexus 7 (2013)? You might want to consider the brand new official Nexus 7 case.

    The flip-style hard case comes in a variety of colors, including gray/blue, gray/red, black and white/red. The case also functions as a kickstand with two different angles, so you’re covered regardless of whether you are trying to type or are just watching your favorite movies and TV shows.


    Now for the downside: It’s $50 – or rather $57.48 when you factor in taxes and Google’s “Saver” (5 -10 day) shipping. That’s a fair amount of cash for just a case.

    Is it worth the cost? Yes and no. If you’d rather go with official products you know will fit to your device without worry, the Nexus 7 official case is certainly an attractive option that is considerably more useful than the Nexus 7’s official $30 sleeve. For those that don’t mind going the 3rd party route however, you’ll find plenty of cases that offer similar functionality for a whole lot less.

    A quick stroll around Amazon turns up several cases for under $15, including the Poetic Slimline Case, MoKo folding cover case and the rooCase Dual-View Folio Case. Again, no guarantees that these cases will fit your device perfectly, though all three seem to be highly rated by Amazon customers.

    For those that have your heart set on going the official route, you can pick up the case now, directly from Google Play. What do you think, is the case worth picking up or not?

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