Oldl Elf 1 Needs a New Toadstool

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by KevT1, Nov 1, 2012.

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    I have an original Ainol Elf tablet with following specs.

    A10 many core 1.2Ghz
    1GB DDR3 Memory

    Model No. GT-P6210
    Android version 4.03
    Baseband Version 0.4
    Kernal Version 3.0.8+ ( User@exDroid001 #8 )
    Build No. Novo 7 Essential V0.2 20120212

    I am very new to tablets and up until now have just used it as it is. The problem is I have never been able to get BBC, ITV .or even catch up TV since day one. Youtube seems to work OK if a little low and almost every APP I have installed seems to run OK.

    The tablet seems to be running a lot slower than before and I wondered if rooting could be the answer to all the problems.

    I have hunted through the site and surfed the net to try and find the best update and instructions to make sure I don't brick the unit but there seems to be a lot of conflicting answers. The one person that seems to crop up quite often is:-

    Android-Kun ( Best Custom Rom for Novo 7 Elf (Android 4 ICS Smoother-CleanRom) | Download Mobile Software ) but on downloading and extracting this link it gave me a disk image file which I don't understand how to use.

    I was really hoping Some knowledgeable person out there could suggest the best most up to date rooting along with some pretty foolproof instructions for a complete newbee with a little old elf.

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