Onda vx610w Firmware Upgrade issue

Discussion in 'Onda Tablet Forum' started by msroest, Jun 19, 2012.

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    ONDA vx610w
    Hey Everyone,
    Hopefully someone can give me a hand with this. I've gotten a vx610w and I want to update it to the 1.1 firmware from here

    To try to get more apps from the market working (right now can't get things like youtube or chrome).

    I've got the livesuite working and I have followed the format firmware flashing tutorials I can find and it always does the same thing

    On the screen where you are supposed to hold menu, attach the USB and then hit power 6-10 times It works and the tablet boots it gets detected by the computer but then LiveSuite just brings up a blank warning window with a ok button and nothing else.

    I've tried this on 3 or 4 different computers and all have the same issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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