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    Galaxy Tab 10.1

    I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 p7510 that started displaying boot
    errors months ago. It was an OEM config, and had never
    been rooted. I'm attempting to get it running again. It'll
    display the Samsung splash screen, I can power-left volume
    it and get into the menu to push software to it through

    AIUI, I cannot flash a rooted image until it's rooted first, so
    I must flash an OEM ROM image to the device. I'll flash it
    with whatever I can use that will render it workable again.
    I hope the image I'm using below is a stock ROM. I dunno.

    AIUI, each Odin3 version is written to target certain models,
    so I'm using Odin3 v1.85.


    Below are the images used during my attempts at flashing:
    PDA - P7510XABLPL_P7510UELPL_HOME.tar.md5
    .PIT - none
    Phone - none
    CSC - none

    Comments on Setup and Suspect Problem Areas

    AIUI, Odin3 will not run on with Kies installed. Kies had been
    installed but has since been removed. XP is being used to
    flash the device. If I need to start with a virgin XP OS, never
    having been touched by Kies (rather than installed and
    removed), I guess I need to know.

    USB drivers are installed and communicating. Odin3 will
    show a yellow [com:3] and displays an [added!] note.

    Flash Settings in Odin3 v1.85

    PIT is not checked, Re-partition is checked, F. Reset Time is
    unchecked, Flash Lock is unchecked.

    *sigh* Also, multiple prior attempts were done, but I can't
    recount them, what settings were chosen, nor which
    checkboxes were or weren't checked during those attempts.


    Kies was attempted, but failed. It will not communicate with
    the tablet.

    The consistent errors I'm receiving during the flash attempt
    are all hex 30000 errors:

    WritePartition: Error to NvStorMgrFileWrite![err:0x30000]
    DownloadPartition_odin: Error to WritePartition![err:0x30000]
    Tegra_Nand_Write: Error to DownloadPartition_odin![err:0x3000]

    My Concerns at This Point

    My biggest hurdle is identifying the location from which to
    get the images I need, as well as the name of the proper

    I'm also concerned that my prior tries have munged it to
    the point that it's soft bricked.

    So...help. [​IMG]

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