pandgital novel RR7T10WWH7 and Tenda A5 portable router

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    Pandigital Multimedial Novel 7" android
    I have a Pandigital novel RR7T10WWH7 tablet and ereader. I am hoping to use this at campgrounds. I also have a Tenda A5 portable wireless router. The Pandigital tablet recognizes the Tenda A5 router, but is not connecting to the internet. The Tenda technical support person informed me I have to program the Pandigital tablet to set up the Tenda A5 router, that I would need a IP address for it. Is there a way for this Tenda A5 router to be used with this Pandigital tablet? I looked at the settings on the tablet and did not notice a way to set up the router. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Bridget Ferrazzano

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