Pandigital Black 7" external merory card encountering video problems

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    Pandigital Novel 7" Black w/ Terminater's firmware
    Hi, I have a Pandigital Black 7" Colour Multimedia eReader using Terninater's firmware and an external 2 gig sd card I'm using it to watch mp4 movies at 720x480. Lately its been having trouble reading the movies. Sometimes it wont see them and gives me an error with the choice "wait for response" or "cancel". If I cancel and click on a video it says "Cannot play video". If I go into settings and safely uninstall then reinstall (take out then put back in) the card, then go to Es File Reader, then chose refresh the reader says "Cashe data was deleted successfully". Then I go to play a movie (mp4 720x480), it will play well for a few minutes then the picture will freeze and play the video behind that froze frame, but the sound keep going. A few seconds later (around 10) it fixes itself and plays the movie normally. This happens on most of my movies. So:

    1. Does the sd memory card have a finite number of times it can be written to?
    2. If it does, will reformatting the card fix it?
    3. Do I need to leave a certain amount of free space open for the card to use as swap memory, like a hard drive?
    (swap memory was the best definition I could think of)
    4. Should I switch to a 640x480 video size instead of the 720x480?

    Just tried reformating the external sd card,(with the pandigital's format option) and the videos still messing up
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