pandigital novel 7 (black) not connecting to linksys wifi

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel Black Firmware' started by surbob, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Pandigital Novel 7
    Anyone know any tricks to get the pdn 7 to talk to the linksys wifi? I have the WRT120N router and I have tried just about everything to get it to work including changing the network mode, turning ssid on and off, turning off network security, changing from wpa to wpa2 (personal). I brought it to best buy where I purchased it and they had NO problem connecting to the web.
    The strange thing is I can ping the device when it is connected but the browser JUST WILL NOT TALK. It keeps timing out and saying silly things like google may have moved permanently to a new web address - yeah I know, standard error message but after the 600th time it starts to get to you.
    Yes I have upgraded to the latest ...2011-03-01 firmware... step upgrade the linksys firmware :p

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