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Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by McGiles, May 27, 2011.

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    I have been beating my brains apart looking for a case/stand for my WPDN (R70D256 from BBB) and I finally looked at cases for the Kindle 2 (since I heard they were supposed to be so close in dimensions). I ordered this case: Eco-Flip Amazon Kindle 2 Cover and while it does NOT fit the WPDN into the tracks made for the Kindle 2 (I was hoping it would even though the WPDN is a little thicker) it IS a good fit if you just put some velcro on the back of the WPDN and on the case and just drop the WPDN down on to the top of the tracks and let the velcro grab it. I put a strip on the top and the bottom and it holds like glue but there is also a nice elastic band that comes with the case that you can put around the bottom of the WPDN (it's real purpose is to hold the case closed when your not using your "Kindle 2" - it serves double duty if you like with the WPDN). This is the vertical case case and I would bet the horizontal one that they also sell for $10 would work as well if you use it more in that position. It stands up nice if you're down at Starbucks and reading something etc. I also like the hsnd grip on the back. Nice extra. This is a really nice well put together case. I'm really glad I took the time to look all over for it. $13 to my door in 3 days priority mail.

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