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    Pantech Element P4100
    I just bought a 750mb data plan from Simple Mobile ($25/mo) to use with my Pantech Element. Inserted the sim, did the set up, voila! got a Simple Mobile connection showing in my taskbar. It was only an Edge signal but what the heck the Element was not designed to be compatible with the 1700mz Simple Mobile network. Only problem was that there was no internet connection. Called Simply Mobile support, they verified with me the setup was done properly, put me on hold for a few minutes, and told me that they were sorry, but since the Element was not supported they didn't guarantee anything. Since they don't give refunds, I'm thinking I'm out $25. Starting searching for information on wireless APN settings and by tweaking the APN installed during the sim activation was finally able to connect. The bad news is the speed is around 56 kbps; remember the old dial-up modem? Still I'm not convinced that there is not that perfect APN configuration out there that will give me some acceptable speed. I live in Louisville, Ky and know nothing about Simple Mobile data speed around here. I welcome any help with APN settings for Simple Mobile.

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