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    There are a lot of reports of people having issues with Force Close and Install problems on the Viewsonic GTab, even after rooting and flashing the ROM. This may be due to the fact that Viewsonic has not partitioned the device in a way that Android particularly likes. This is easy enough to fix if you have a rooted device with Clockwork installed. Keep in mind, this will completely wipe your internal storage so back anything you need up!

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Turn tablet off
    2. Hold down the Volume Up key and press power. You can release when the tablet boots and you see the splash screen
    3. When you see the Clockwork menu, press the Volume up button to the Advanced menu, press the Home softkey to select
    4. Press the Volume up button to the Partition SD Card menu and press the Home softkey to select
    5. Select your value for Partition
    6. Select your value for swap size

    Wait until complete and reboot.

    Here are some recommended values for your partitioning scheme:
    2GB/256MB is considered the default setup
    2GB/0MB is STRONGLY recommended for TnT Lite 3.00+
    4GB/256MB is used by many people, but see the aforementioned caveat regarding TnT Lite.

    good luck!
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