Patent Trolls Already Targeting Amazon's Kindle Fire Tablet

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    It looks like the patent Trolls are already itching for some "toll collection fees" to allow the Amazon Kindle Fire to pass over their bridge. Amazon has reportedly already been targeted by a lawsuit from patent licensing firm Acacia Research. Lest you think that Acacia Research is anything but a troll, keep in mind that they do not produce or sell an product of their own. They are simply a company that profits by purchasing intellectual property and then licensing it out through a variety of subsidiaries. The firm claims that Amazon’s Kindle Fire infringes on several of its patents. One supposedly covers graphics on a touchscreen that respond when a user “writes” on said screen. Another is titled “System And Method For Displaying And Manipulating Multiple Calendars On A Personal Digital Assistant.” This same company currently has several unsettled lawsuits pending with a host of companies including Apple. Basically, this company exists solely to abuse and profit from the broken patent system. Perhaps the newest changes to patent law will eventually lead to the demise of this particular bridge troll.

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