Patent Wars Stories Part 3: [Follow-Up] Nokia Claims Nexus 7 Infringes Their Patents

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    Finally, we are at the last patent wars story of this three part series for the morning of July 3rd. If you are gagging right now, you are not alone. These are just as painful to write as they are to read, but we can't stop sharing the news just because it is unpleasant. This last story is a follow-up to one we posted previously. Within a day of the launch of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, Florian Mueller of Foss Patents, (who has admitted to being paid by Oracle for some of his seemingly anti-Google stories) came forward pointing out that the new Nexus 7 tablet violates some of Nokia's patents. He wrote an article and immediately requested a response from Nokia, practically before the dust even settled on the Nexus 7 launch. Nokia had not, and did not make any statements... until now.

    Here's a quote from The Inquirer that shares Nokia's new stance on this matter,

    According to The INQUIRER, the news isn't all bad. The INQUIRER claims that Nokia is unlikely to seek injunctions against the Google Nexus 7, but will instead, request that Google or Asus obtain simply the proper licenses. Of course that is simply speculation on their part, but it does make sense as that is typically the way the Finnish company has operated in the past. We shall have to see what develops.

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    So if the guy has already taken a credibility hit, why post his stories?

    Not only does it throw the credibility of the story into question, but it also pretty much lets the guy off the hook for it by promoting is questionable work.

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