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    This is a zip file I made to install via recovery, it will work on some stock recoveries, some devices will need custom recovery.

    Use at your own risk, as with any hacking you the user assumes all risks.

    What this does is remove two files so that Pattern,Password,Pin are reset so users can get into their device without doing a factory reset which wipes device and resets everything. If all else fails factory reset is a must, this zip hopefully can prevent the need to loose everything, just to gain access to device.

    to use place on sdcard, boot into recovery

    Flash via recovery and reboot.

    If you are greeted by pattern window after reboot just try any pattern as the real pattern should have been removed, once you get into settings, remove or setup a new pattern.

    This works on all my devices.

    Coby allwinner

    Coby telechips

    Coby 7065

    Samsung GalaxyS11

    Lenovo A2109

    Should work on many more devices, but I am unable to test, I can add more devices if info is posted.

    Again some devices will require custom recovery.

    Credits Viraj SK
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