Pc doesnt recognize cmp738b

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    craig cmp738b
    I purchased a tablet cmp738b and when i turned the usb host off and connected it to my pc it says the usb device is not recognized. when i click on the bubble and check it out it has error code 43. I have tried and tried but cant get it to recognize it. i Have windows 7. I would apriciate any advice.
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    It's not difficult to connect Craig to PC. Here's how:

    • make sure Craig is powered up
    • connect short USB cord that came with tablet to Craig
    • connect other end to PC
    • go to "settings" in the Craig -- scroll down to USB Host Mode and turn OFF "USB host" mode (in other words, "un-click" the option so green check mark goes away)
    • you will now see that your Craig presents a message asking to turn on USB connection -- do that
    • on your PC go to the root folder of your Craig
    • from here you can delete downloads you may no longer need, drag new stuff from the PC to the Craig "downloads" folder for use on the tablet, etc.
    • when you are done tell the Craig to turn off the USB connection
    • unplug cord

    This is also covered in the manual that came with the Craig in the event you need to see the steps again.


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