PDANet tablet app - explain this part of description??

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    What does this mean? Part of the PDANet tablet app description says:

    This BETA uses a web-proxy solution. On Honeycomb devices only the Browser, Gmail, and Map app will pick up the proxy connection.

    I don't know what BETA, a web-proxy solution, or a proxy connection MEANS (??) so that whole thing is confusing to me.

    Maybe I'm asking a question I don't even need to be concerned about, but since I only have Gingerbread on my G2 but will have Honeycomb on my Toshiba Thrive (when I get it), I'm not sure what they are saying with regards to having or not having Honeycomb.

    Can someone explain those 3 things mean and what that sentence means (regarding Honeycomb) in simple terms? Thanks !!

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