Photo Shpere on a Note 10.1????????

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1' started by Frank.Aviator, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Samsung Note 10.1
    Hey guys (and gals) a buddy of mine just installed Photo Sphere on his Xoom using an apk (as this app is not available for JB 4.1) he says it's working fine for pics, though shooting video isn't very good.
    Question: Has anyone been able to side-load Photo Sphere on a Note 10.1?:confused:
    If anyone is interested, I can ask my pal to send me the link to the apk*. But I am a bit hesitant to try it out myself. (yeah I know, I am a scaredy-cat:p)


    PS: Any other apps out there that can take a 360 degree shot?

    * Note: If I were to provide this link, I can not guarantee that it will not cause damage to your tablet or work, if you choose to install this apk, you do so under your own responsibility.

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