Pipo M8 or Cube U5gtV or Ramos W42 ???

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by tulik23, Feb 20, 2013.

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    [h=2]Pipo M8 or Cube U5gtV[/h]
    i bought the Pipo m8 and returned it casue it had some battery issues (didnt tell the real battery status)
    all the time 100%
    now i would like to know if can some one help me decide if to buy another one or go the another family
    like the U5GTV/Ramos W31/W32 Cortex A9 ??

    (i must say the the Pipo was working great on games)


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    The M8 has great form, in my opinion. Pipo has proven somewhat lacking in QC, each tab seemingly having issues of some sort.
    That said, there is a new Pipo M8 Pro on the horizon, using the RK3188 Quad SOC. Should be a definite step-up from the RK3066 in the M8 now.

    The W42 is my choice. same size and aspect ratio as the M8; using the new Exynos 4412 SOC ..and QC much better. It does not have as good a camera setup as the M8, but many do not look too closely at that. Also no HDMI, not a deal breaker for me. I would rather have less problems with a better tab.

    The 4412 is quad, of course. It has been reported to have better than average read/write timing. What this means that on paper the specs might suggest that the RK3188 is better, but in real life the Samsung part really shines.

    Not sure what the U5gtV is, exactly. I did a search on it and for some reason do not find a source. Anyway, I would say Cube is somewhat between Pipo and Ramos in QC. Different size and format, I would think.

    I wish you well.
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    We actually believe that Pipo have very good quality control from our experience and quality of tablets..

    The new Rk3188 chipset certainly is very promising. 28nm technology!

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