Pipo U1 VS Novo 7 Flame / Novo 7 Fire VS Onda V712

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    Nexus 7 is really hit China tablet market a lot. a lot of china tablet factory begin to update their specification. As far as we know, the following model tablet will be the first tablet which have similar specification with Nexus7:

    Pipo U1, Ainol Novo 7 Flame, Onda V712, Window N70 HD

    We already get three of them listed in our site:

    Pipo U1

    Ainol Novo 7 Flame

    Onda V712

    Here is some compare information for you:

    $pipo u1 vs novo 7 flame vs onda v712.jpg

    From the specification, we can see, maybe none of them can beat nexus 7 specification,however, the price is also lower than Nexus 7. Pick up the right tablet as your budgets.

    We are glad to offer any help in picking up tablets.

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