PiPO U1pro Unpacking Picture Show

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    PiPO U1pro is a newly released dual-core tablet that adopt 7-inch IPS screen within high resolution. With the mainstream configuration of RK3066 chip, dual-core CPU for each frequency peaks as high as 1.6GHz, Mali400 gaming performance is excellent in a unbelievable fill rate of 1.1 billion ~16 billion pixels per second. The brand new Android 4.1 system also brings a more intelligent and smooth operating experience. The excellent performance of the picture in picture feature enables the users to enjoy the convenient of surfing the multitasking, such as watching videos and as well as surfing. PiPO U1pro was carried out a great upgrade on the basis of PiPO U1: the screen is fully consistent with Google nexus7, high brightness of the screen, excellent display effects, increased battery capacity of 300mAH based on the U1 etc. All of these have better solved everyones worry about problem of battery life. The WIFI antenna was replaced which strengthen the signal of WIFI. The addition functions of Rear camera and HDMI greatly expands the application of U1pro function and the overall practicality.

    1280x800 7-inch screen! Consistent with the Nexus7!
    U1pro 1280x800 adopt the 7-inch screen which is by far one of the highest standard among so many 7 inch Tablet PCs, it is fully consistent with Google nexus7. Screen PPI reaches up to 216 PPI, the maximum brightness is nearly 450 nits! No matter it is from the point of fineness, brightness or color, U1pro has reached the highest standards at home and abroad! It is a good option you can choose from the 7 INCH tablet PC with the most excellent screen. IPS screen technology, 178 degree angle, brighter, sharper and clear!
    IPS screen technology is the world's most advanced LCD screen technology. Compared with the traditional soft LCD, hard IPS LCD have faster response time, the images blur-free, uniform response speed, color offset, 178-free Omni-directional visual characteristics. U1pro using the most advanced HFFS technology IPS screen which beat most of the IPS screen, more dazzling and clearer! U1pro is the highest level of current Tablet PC screens! Diverse functions, several support
    U1pro is equipped with front 300,000 pixels, back 2 million camera which enables users to easily start a video chatting with families or friends anytime and anywhere through MSN, SKYPE etc. it can connect to the peripheral devices such as Bluetooth headsets, USB, keyboard, mouse etc with the Bluetooth, OTG extended function which greatly extend the applications and capabilities of Tablet PC. On the video playback, smooth playback of 1080P full HD, and backward-compatible different resolutions of 720P or 480P. Support TS, H.264, WMV, MPEG4... All kinds of HD video formats. It can be a wise choice of watching HD movies. Adobe Flash 11 plug-ins and Html5 Web pages animation supported enables the smooth running of dynamic Web pages, fashion games, online video. WIFI wireless network supported and connected to a wired network via a USB connection, 3G device such as a network card. Rich Internet access methods allowing you to remain online at all times.

    Below are parts of unpacking PIPO U1pro pictures taken by some players, let us enjoy together

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