Planning to purchase a basic Android 7" tablet.... Need your help..... Please..

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by kraviindia, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Planning to purchase an Android tablet 7"
    Hello friends,

    Just registered myself to this forum. I am planning to purchase an entry level 7" Android 2.2 Tablet for approx $160. I am planning to use this as a GPS screen by installing a MAPS software compatible for Android. I have an external Bluetooth Receiver (Holux GR-239). I want to know if the below config will help. More over please let me know the software that will show maps and driving direction as I drive down with the GPS receiver ON and connected to the tablet. Is there any app on Android OS (google market site) that can talk to external GPS receiver and show it on the maps?

    i also want to know if I can feed HDMI Input to this tablet and use it as an external LCD monitor for my camera which has HDMI Output.

    is it possible to upgrade to Android 2.3 on this hardware? If yes, how is it possible?

    Any good Virus scanner on this platform?

    Please check the tech specs and help. I am totally new to tablet PCs and Android OS. thanks for your time.

    Here are the tech specs:

    CPU: AMLogic 8726 ARM Cortex A9 800Mhz + 200Mhz DSP + 300Mhz GPU
    RAM:512 MB DDR
    Hard Disk: 4GB NAND Flash
    Network support: WiFi: 802.11B/G, Bluetooth

    7" Resistive TFT Touch Screen with 800 x 480 resolution
    Accelerometer for auto-rotate the screen
    Slot List : microSD x 1( support up to 32GB), 3.5 mm Stereo Audio out x 1, USB x 1, min USB x 1, mini HDMI
    Supports external keyboard, mouse and wireless mini keyboard with touchpad
    Operating System: Google Android 2.2 with Flash 10.1
    Battery: 3200mAh Video playback: 2-3 hours

    Package contents
    1 x A9 Android 2.2 Tablet
    1 x Charger
    1 x 3.5 mm earphone
    1 x USB cable for PC interface
    1 x User manual
    1 x soft case for tablet (free gift)
    1 x Power pin adapter (free gift)

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    Most android devices I've seen (phone or tablet) come with mapping/GPS software called Google Maps. Other apps are available, but I've never tried any because they seem redundant. As far as using the tablet as a screen, I don't think so. The HDMI port is for output from the tablet, not to it.

    And, I mean no offence by this, as lots of people seem to use this term, but... there's really no such thing as "beginner" tablet. Older android OS and lower than average hardware specs do not equate to "beginner" but rather "cheap". That said, I'm not trying to suggest this tablet is sub-par. I've never used it, I do not know.
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    To answer some of your questions :

    The HDMI is only output for these devices.
    You can install custom ROMS of 2.2 or 2.3 which can be found on this site or others ( Maybe other people can give you more info on this )
    There are few Anti virus app such as AVG free . they do the job for now or you can get some payware ones.

    As mentioned, google maps is pretty good, obviously there are other apps, although the important factor is the GPS device you have comes with Android drivers and if its compatible. Otherwise it won't work.

    You can get tablets with built-in GPS module, however be aware some of them use very poor quality GPS module which has difficulty picking up sattelites.
    If your budget would allow you, I would recommend to get a tablet with capacitive screen, worth extra money :)

    The Amlogic CPU is good but better one would be NEC EV2 dual Core for 7 inch. Much more responsible and can handle tasks better.

    Good luck !
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    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This is running the Rockchip 2808. Unless there is a Community build which is stable, I would suggest you consider an upgrade to a different Tablet. This Chipset has been updated many times over in the past year. Think of this as a Pentium, and You cannot get past Windows NT.

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