play by play for biggest tablet knoob!!!

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    coby kyro
    Helloo forum .... I am struggeling to understand almost everything here on the forum, please realize I have no clue what this kyros tabelt can do. I was hoping that my post in the introducton area would help me a bit more ... i do thank spider for the link ... i did use it but still am lost.
    Is this tablet like a smart phone minus the calling exception skype?
    Why when i skype they cant see me?
    where is the Android market?
    why is there no threads on the mid#1126?(which is the mid# i find under settings)
    what is my tablet frist generation or 2nd, how can you tell...

    Is there ANYONE who can speak to me in simple terms ....

    I think this tablet was ment to be used as more then an alarm clock!!!
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