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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Video' started by Toogood4ya, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I have an Acer and I put my sd card in and it recongized it. i tried to play a video but it said i didn't havve the right app for it. I download Android media player code monkey. When i put the card back in, it didn't recongize it right away. I was wondering how can I play moives off of a sd card through the media player? How do i get the tablet to recongize the card?
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    To use the build-in video playback capability of your Acer, the video has to be in the correct video format, such as MP4 format, h264 video and aac audio. It will not play other files like avi's. For that, look in Google Play/Android Market, and install something like MX player.

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