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    PanDigital 7" White Color Multimedia eReader
    I have the PanDigital 7" White Multimedia eReader that I just got today. First of all I was sent the eReader which I did not order because I wanted the Android tablet but was told that it was just a firmware update. Now I've tried to update through Pandigital's website and everything I read says its a file sized in MB and all that mine keeps downloading is 107KB. I've tried downloading on the tablet itself, which hasn't worked. So I tried downloading on a Lenovo with windows vista, an Acer with Windows 7, and a Compaq with Windows 7. I've turned the tablet off and done the hold the power button with the volume button and I keep getting the triangle with an exclamation and the android robot. Then I reset and try it all over again and the same thing happens. Please someone help me. I don't understand the technical language so please word it so I can understand. Thank you to anyone that can help.

    Edit: I figured it out finally. If anyone was wondering it was the extra download on Pandigital's download page for the .Net microsoft software.
    Edit 2: So I've been trying to buy books on the tablet and it says that the ones I want are unavailable on B&N. How can I torrent or download books and where will they go on my tablet?
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