Please help. Zenithink 180 andriod 2.2 trying to update and install windows CE

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    Zenithink 10" Touchscreen Android 2.2 EPAD
    Im stuck even after watching videos reading sites on getting this done. The zenithink site I cant download the 1030 firmware but I think i found the right one on another site but I still cant get the green light to update. Im on a XP 32 bit pc. I can use the usb in windows when started up but when i do the Hold the home and power button says Prepare enter mmc update mode below it says press enter when insert other exit . No card insert.
    I have the usb cables hook up but i don't get the use thing kicking up to install the usb part. Im so lost at that point. if i could get it going the rest I am sure is like the videos show. any info please thanks.

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