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    Hi there, I was thinking about buying this Tablet PC here VIA WM 8650 7'' Tablet PC Android 2.2 Camera WIFI 3G Flash 10.1 MID epad I don't really care about not being able to upgrade to the newest OS, but what I want to know is.

    Does Skype work good?
    Can you watch Netflix?
    Does Youtube work?
    Do you think it is worth the price?
    Will Java work on it?
    Can I use an IRC program? Or just use the online Java client?
    Do you think it is worth it to spend the extra $5 to have it rooted, or do you think I could do it myself? I'm pretty good with computers, know how to format install programs and stuff, I help my friends out alot, but new to Android.

    Thanks so much for the help.
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