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    I am new to this forum so please go easy !

    I have a Binatone homesurf 7" tab running android 2.1
    I am trying to update it so i can use the google app market, i believe i can get the official app market if i go up to 2.1-update 1
    Im having problems finding an update and indeed how to install the new system.
    I have rooted the device which gives me power user options, downloaded many things to try out and even managed to damage the MBRon my laptop running xp trying to do various things.
    Dont know how i did it but thats life !! (I had a back up of important data fewwww!!
    Anyway, Binatone is not very good for support or googleing help.
    Can anyone help me out with this?
    I could do with up to date links to programs needed to install the system onto my Sd card etc etc.
    Please help if you can, many thanks to you all.
    Keep up the good work everyone, share and we will all win !!;)

    New info - Just spoke to support at Binatone, there answer was "for some reason we dont know why market place will not install...... they dont have any updates available and he said just download the apps you want and send them to the Sd.
    If thats the case why bother sending them, may aswell just have a laptop !!!!!, anyway usless support Binatone !

    I believe i could do with downloading "Electronic sheep" to get more system info as im not even sure what kind of tablet it is, mid (model etc).
    Can i just download a new OS on my Sd card and install it that way ?
    Where would i find the Os firmware from ?

    I will keep this updated as i find out more, I will do a step by step guide once i have all the bits together to do this !
    May save someone else taking over a week (so far) to try and do it.

    Thanks guys

    Had no response from anyone yet, im still working on it !!!!

    Anyway i have managed to root the Binatone homesurf 175, but still cant get market place apk to install. Just Parse error all the time.
    I have a bunch of things on it now but not getting anywhere fast.
    If anyone would like to root there droid see the link,

    Use zip 4 : 1.3.0 APK Z4 root, its the only one that works but only a temp root and sometimes hangs so try it a few times.
    I know its rooted as i can run Titanium backup and Rom manager.

    Can i try and install a custom rom on this droid does anyone know??
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