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    android tablet 7"
    I have android tablet model WM8650 I enjoy a lot using this specially in internet because you can use either Wifi or LAN. So please help me on how to revive my android tablet.
    These is the story, First I update my ROM into Modroid v6.5 this ROM is very smooth specially the touchscreen is very responsive. For curiosity I search again other ROM and I found the ROM MIDv8-Modroid v7, so first I copy the FirmwareInstall and wmt_scriptcmd to formatted SD card, then switch off my android tablet and then insert the SD card and Turn ON the device. The installation of Modroid v7 is successful but the touch screen is not working.. So I think this is my mistake im little panic this time because I don’t know what can I do, the touchscreen is not working so how can I turn OFF the power? I decided to long press the power button and I copy again the FirmwareInstall and wmt_scriptcmd of Modroid v6.5 and insert again the SD card and Turn ON the device. The installation is performing until the installation is successful but when I removed the SD card my device is not automatically restart. These is my problem when I Turn ON my device have Blue LED at the top near in camera and the screen is ALL BLACK and no vibration. I think I made all possible solution Empty the battery and I reset the device but there is no changes still the same.

    Model: WM8650
    Blue Led Color
    No Vibration when I turn on
    Black audio jack
    Red Led color when charging

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