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    Hello folks,
    I am a software programmer. I am looking to buy an android device which should be a tiny development computer to carry around. Please suggest if there is any that might match my requirements.

    1. It must be a linux box with a proper unix command line and the ability to write usual programs and should have the usual languages etc installed on top of unix. It doesn't have to powerful, just a play thing. I might write say my LISP programs on it while I am on the go and bored.

    2. It must have GPS and the GPS should be user friendly feature.

    3. It must have 2G/3G. I must be able to use the internet.

    4. I should be able to do skype chat. Voice chat would be nice to have but text is enough.

    5. It must support most of the video, graphic formats. I should be able to read pdfs, view youtube.

    So, basically a fully featured but not so powerful pc with GPS that I can carry with me when I go hiking. Phew!. Is that a strange requirement.

    I don't need camera, multitouch and any of the fancy stuff. May be I can cut prices here. I don't need a phone either.

    Any suggestions please.

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