Plz help (another n00b sorry) identify my tablet if you can

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    motorola backflip
    Gpad G10D 4GB, Wi-Fi + 3G, 7in - Silver ipad - eBay (item 170675362312 end time Aug-02-11 02:11:19 PDT)

    Ok I just bought this on ebay. It is 2GB storage and running 2.1. I don't think it's a gpad... I am stumped any help is appreciated.

    Resistive screen

    Kernel version: 2.6.29
    root@localhost #133

    Build number: MID 1.2

    Has fuzzy camera in front. Has rocker button on right side bottom for back and home.

    When I switch it on and depress button says haipad and 2.1. When booted up has Telco loco. Idk about 3g as it has carriers to pick from but I'm assuming you would need another device.

    I just want 2.3 OS like I thought it had (yes I may be that stupid sorry :(( ) guy I bought from says he had it but lost it when he removed all his info. :/

    It is rooted and has accelerometer. It is 7" has on bottom from left to right, power jack, headphone jack, mini usb jack, on/off switch, HDMI port, micro sd card port and microphone jack. It is black and silver plastic, back being solid silver with speaker at top, three rainbow shaped holes. Has only one button round with square drawn on it kinda deepset in center bottom area of tablet. Has small red light when plugged in charging. Does appear to access android market i have downloaded apps.

    under os on android system info:
    browser user agent: mozilla/5.0 (linux;U)
    android 2.1 update 1 en-us MID build/Eclair


    android version 2.1 update 1
    api level 7
    board tcc8900_evm
    brand telechips
    device tcc8900
    fingerprint: unknown
    model: MID

    Total RAM 127MB

    under CPU

    processor: ARMv6 compatible processor rev 6 (v6l0
    hardware telechips TCC89/91/92xx demo board

    resolution 480 x 800
    refresh rate ^0.0
    X factor for DIP 1.5
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