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Discussion in 'Craig Tablets' started by lucky12, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Craig Android touch tablet
    Today is my son's birthday & i purchased a Craig (Android tablet) for him. Since he charged it, & turned it on he's unable to access anything because a note keeps popping up saying 'SORRY the application Launcher has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again FORCE CLOSE'

    I am upset right now because my son wanted this thing for Xmas & I wanted to surprise him today with it since he didnt get it then, can someone plz help me with this issue because he is looking sad (all over again) & I don't wanna upset him any more.:mad:
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    I suppose you could try a RESET since it is brand new and there will be nothing to lose. The simple reset is done by inserting a straightened out paperclip into the tiny hole whech should be on one of the edges and push 'til you feel a resistance.

    Or, if you bought it locally, take it back for exchange.
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    Had this issue on a phone with a custom rom. You may need to Google your tab and do a factory reset. That usually fixes the issue for me.

    ideos s7 running tri-zet v3

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