polaroid 701c problems

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    i have a polaroid 701c that is being wonky. i thought it may have been the go launcher update but the problems persist on the factory launcher.

    here is what i have:

    dead spots on the screen---sometimes i have to rotate to get buttons to work on the keyboard and browser, on any app really
    example: when playing angry birds the birds launch on their own or way before i let off.....some keys on the keyboard dont respond

    slow acceloromoter.....really slow compared to when i first got it

    crackling speaker....this is kinda random. usually happens during charging or changing apps

    some apps are very slow to open and then very slow to respond to touch.....namely amazon appstore

    wifi has a hard time connecting and sometimes has to be done manually

    i havent tried a factory reset yet. i was going to wait for suggestions from here first. if i need to provide more info just let me know


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