Port of 7" rom on 10"

Discussion in 'Rockchip RK2808 Tablets' started by campacavallo, Apr 22, 2011.

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    i'm interested to a port from 7inch apad to my 10inch apad 'cause there are many upgrade of android for the 7inch apad but none for orphan m16+

    I'm starting from Rogerbraun Hybrid Rom 5.1 for 10' apad (Orphan M16+) and i tried some stuffs:

    1. install update.img from rogerbroun 10' inch... ok!
    2. install system.img & boot.img from 1.6(donut) porting of lefeudedieu for 7inch.. boot but android won't start!
    3. install system.img & boot.img from rogerbroun 7'inch hybrid.. ok!
    4. install any kernel from 7inch to 10inch.. fail (obviously)
    5. i unpacked system.img from rogerbroun 10inch & lefeudedieu donut and merged (copied only /app, /frameword and some files in /lib).. boot but android won't start

    obviously i can't recompile a valid kerel..

    my bootloader version is 3.20

    what can i do? i missed some steps?
    anybody can help me?

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