Possible DLNA tablet semi-permanently placed on kitchen wall

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by tgm1024, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Ok, wading through some of the current state of affairs over at DLNA.org.

    I've got a need for a simple tablet to be stuck to the kitchen wall, hopefully in a recharging bracket of some kind. I'll just list out the questions, not in order of importance:

    1. Is there a tablet that can hold up to continually being on? I'm not interested in anything OLED based yet because of burn-in/image-retention issues.
    2. Capacitance screen only.
    3. I'd like this as a centralized "family kiosk" for email, time, weather, skype, etc. Front facing camera needed.
    4. I'd like it to be able to push and pull from various DLNA devices (TV/PC/Phones/etc.) to the extent that any of them support it. I'll work on that part separately as the devices roll in. hbogo.com, verizon fios online, etc. streaming vehicles of course useful.
    5. I'm a long-time software engineer---higher end configurations are not out of the question if I have to. Though a turn-key approach would be nifty.
    6. Larger than 7". 7" is just too small. Doesn't need to be 10.mumble inches, though that's ideal.
    7. Not uber expensive ($300 is too much) because I suspect this will be prone to being burned out sooner than normal: backlight, battery, screen surface, what-not.
    8. Mountable in a continually charging (smart charging) wall mount?
    9. Is there a term for such a semi-wall mounted tablet?

    Thanks in advance!

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