Priorities Are GPS/OziExplorer CE, Anyone Have Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by scullsold, May 26, 2018.

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    Hey all

    Another newbie to tablets here and I am hoping someone can give me some advice.

    I want a tablet to use on 4wd will sit in a ram mount cradle and will be used primarily for gps but I would like to instal Oziexplorer CE which is 4wd mapping software that shows 4wd tracks. The tablet will also provide us with the ability to look up accommodation etc when we are near towns via (wifi to my mobile).
    We may have a few movies on the unit to watch and of course the odd game. Also not sure about view of the screen if its a sunny day, whether there is a particular filter?? Most of the ebay units have an external plug in gps unit...not sure of the difference between external or built in...whatever gives the best reception
    So priority is gps and ability to add oziexplorer. The rest I am not fussy about. Budget will come in at $150-$200 and I am currently looking at ebay

    Does anyone have any suggestions?o_Oo_O

    Appreciate the assistance.

    Tks, :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Yes. Find a different GPS app to use, especially if you want to use a modern tablet. OziExplorer CE requires Windows CE or its successor Windows Mobile, which rules out all modern Microsoft tablets, all tablet devices running a full version of Windows, every Android tablet ever made, and every iPad as well. Even if there is someone out there still manufacturing Windows CE tablets in 2018 - which is possible as I have seen Chinese GPS receivers which use Windows CE as a base - for the most part they aren't usable for web browsing due to changes in Internet standards between the last release of Windows CE and now. You wouldn't be able to tether your smartphone to the tablet either.

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