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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Graphics' started by Zethma, Feb 20, 2012.

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    I have been looking for a drawing program that I can use to make professional sketches. I have use Sketch Book Pro but it does not switch between landscape and portriat. Also its layer system only allows 6 layers per picture. It also lacks the ability to make the canvas bigger, butI have not found a better program. I was wondering if anyone knows of a better program.

    Here is what I was hoping to find in a professional sketch application for Android.
    • Made for tablets
    • Able to switch between orientations
    • have a multi-layer function
    • able to export to png or psd
    • able to change canvas sizes
    I am currently running a factory standard Asus Eepad Transformer.

    Thank you, Zethma

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